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AHOS Fire PIT 850: de perfecte barbecue voor elk moment

AHOS Fire PIT 850: de perfecte barbecue voor elk moment

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The AHOS Fire PIT 850 is a multifunctional fire bowl, which is made of high-quality, thick steel. The fire bowl has been worked out in the smallest details and because the welds are completely invisible, it seems as if the fire bowl is an independent whole. Because the grill ring is removable, you can use the fire bowl as a barbecue, fireplace and fire bowl that resembles a brasero. Thanks to its unique design, the fire bowl is also an excellent addition to the interior of your garden.

Fire bowl with grill ring/barbecue disc
The AHOS fire bowls are all equipped with a removable grill ring. This grill ring is made of high quality carbon steel with a thickness of 6 mm. Because the edges of the grill ring are bent inwards, hot oil will not run off the dish, but will flow in. The grill ring has a multi-layered non-stick coating, which prevents food from sticking to the grill ring. In addition, the non-stick coating makes the grill ring last longer. In addition to the above options, the grill ring has convection holes for better heat distribution, a surface for a frying pan, barbecue slots and a built-in ring for placing a kettle. Even when the grill ring is on the fire basket, it is possible to put firewood in the bowl, so that the fire remains on. Because the bowl is low to the ground, it can be placed perfectly between a group of seated people, so that people keep warm when it cools outside.

Bake different dishes with the AHOS fire pit 850
With the multifunctional AHOS fire pit 850 it is possible to prepare various dishes on the fire bowl. Now you can cook mulled wine or pilaf, bake steak and grilled vegetables, or even fry pancakes and eggs on the fire bowl. Unique to this article is that you can cook different dishes at the same time. Porridge, crayfish or mulled wine can be cooked in the center in a cauldron, which is installed on a specially made ring. The other pieces of meat, egg or pancakes can be fried on the grill ring next to it. Due to differences in heat on the grill ring, it is better to bake steak towards the center of the ring, for example, and vegetables more to the outside of the ring.

AHOS is made exclusively from high-quality materials, using a heat-resistant coating, polymerized in a special oven, and can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees.


  • Outside diameter baking surface: 85 cm
  • Grill ring material: Carbon steel
  • Grill ring coating: 4-layer organic polymer coating
  • Grill tray material: Steel S235JR
  • Grill tray protective layer: Heat-resistant silicon 3-layer coating
  • Height barbecue: 40 cm
  • Weight barbecue: 50 kg
  • Product dimensions: Length: 85 cm, Width: 85 cm, Height: 40 cm,
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