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RAMP Grass Rake With 140 cm Handle

RAMP Grass Rake With 140 cm Handle

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The trees fall from the trees again and cover your garden and driveway with a layer of leaves, this is of course not the intention. With the RAMP grass rake you ensure that your garden and driveway are tidy again. And thanks to the 140 cm handle, you also prevent a sore back. With a working width of 46 cm you can remove all the leaves in no time!

RAMP click system

The RAMP grass rake is equipped with a click system with which you can easily click on the wooden or metal handle. However, it is also possible to put the handle with screw on the plastic rake.

Healthy working height

The RAMP grass rake comes with a wooden handle of 140 centimeters. As a result, you will not suffer from your back because this is a healthy working height. Because the click system works easily, you can click one tool loose and you can connect another tool if necessary.

RAMP combination system

The leaf rake can be attached to the RAMP handle with the MASTER click connection and can also be easily clicked off again. This allows you to easily switch between different garden tools when you are working in the garden. See also our other advertisements (which are linked to this advertisement) to discover all the garden tools that fit this click system. In addition, you can also purchase our all-in-one package, where you have all the articles of the RAMP click system.


  • Working width: 46 cm
  • Height: 24 cm
  • Including RAMP 140 cm wooden handle with click system
  • Suitable for RAMP combi system
  • Can also be attached separately to a handle of your choice, so you don't necessarily have to purchase the RAMP click system
  • Weight: 130 grams

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