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RAMP nozzle | Broeskop | Ergonomic spray head | 6 Spray Modes

RAMP nozzle | Broeskop | Ergonomic spray head | 6 Spray Modes

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The perfect multifunctional garden hose nozzle with ergonomic handle for watering your garden. In addition, this spray gun is extremely suitable for rinsing, for example, a company kitchen or the street. Due to the different positions, the spray head is suitable for a soft 'mist' jet, but also for a hard 'compact' jet to rinse away dirt.

The spray head is made of an ultra-strong zinc material and the ergonomic handle ensures that the spray head fits perfectly in the hand. This allows you to use the spray head for a longer period of time without getting bothered by your hand. The built-in water lock allows you to lock the 'trigger', so that the spray button remains on. As a result, you will have less trouble with your hand and you can water the garden for a longer period of time.

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