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RAMP spray gun | Cleaning gun

RAMP spray gun | Cleaning gun

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The RAMP spray gun is the perfect cleaning gun for both cleaning and watering. The 3-stage setting allows you to spray from a full jet to a fine mist. This allows you to set the correct amount of water for the respective application. The hard jet can be used for cleaning work, while the fine mist jet is the perfect jet for watering delicate plants in your garden. The built-in lock allows you to lock the handle, which ensures that you do not get tired hands while spraying. The RAMP spray gun is extremely suitable for various purposes, such as cleaning the restaurant kitchen to watering your garden.


  • Spray gun for watering and cleaning work
  • Sturdy material
  • 150 grams
  • Includes lock to prevent hand fatigue
  • 3 positions (from a hard jet to mist spraying)
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