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RAMP garden sprinkler | 180 m2 garden sprinkler

RAMP garden sprinkler | 180 m2 garden sprinkler

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The RAMP garden sprinkler is an ideal garden sprinkler for small and medium-sized gardens, it is easily adjustable and can also only spray on one side. This sprayer is made of different types of durable plastic, so it will not rust or leak.


  • Decide for yourself on which side you want to water the healthy water: left, right or left and right simultaneously
  • Easy to connect with the normal European water connection
  • By turning the tap harder or softer, you determine how far the sprinkler reaches
  • Maximum spray width of 16 meters
  • Stable base so that it can also be used on angled places

  • 16 nozzles
  • Stable chassis
  • Spray surface up to a maximum of 180 m²
  • Spray range (depending on water pressure): 8m - 16m
  • Protected against UV radiation so can always be left outside
  • Easily clean the nozzle by using the cleaning needle in the screw cap to free/clean the screw cap
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