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RAMP Garden Sprinkler | Automatically adjustable nozzle

RAMP Garden Sprinkler | Automatically adjustable nozzle

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The RAMP garden sprinkler is ideal for evenly watering the garden. Because the swivel sprinkler distributes the water evenly over your garden and lawn, there are no puddles in the garden. You can determine yourself how far the sprinkler sprays.


  • The water descends in equal proportions everywhere through the same holes.
  • Can be used immediately for anyone with a garden hose.
  • Adjustable to how far you want the water to reach.
  • Also very suitable for smaller gardens, because you can lower the water pressure (turn the tap more gently)
  • Also very suitable to let your children play under on the warmer summer days
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic which ensures a long life
  • Green color ensures that it does not stand out
  • Maximum capacity 14l per minute at 3 Bar
  • Spray range (depending on water pressure): 8m - 18m
  • European water connection
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