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Recalma Double Wall Glass Set

Recalma Double Wall Glass Set

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In this glass set from Recalma you have 2 double-walled glasses to keep your hot or cold drink at the right temperature without your hands experiencing the temperature.

Double Wall Borosilicate Glass

The double-walled Borosilicate glass makes these glasses extremely suitable for drinking. The heat-resistant double-walled glass ensures that the outside of the glass does not get hot, so you can comfortably hold your drink. In addition, it ensures that your drink stays warm for longer.

Stylish glasses
Besides the fact that the glasses are very practical and nice to drink from, the glasses are also very stylish. Through the transparent glass you can see how beautiful your cappuccino or latte looks! This way you drink your drink in style.

This is what you have with the Recalma Double Wall Glass Set:

  • Double-walled, borosilicate material, insulating glass can withstand temperatures from -30°C to 400°C! you can enjoy your cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino or tea warmer for longer. If you have hot coffee, you will not be warm from the outside and if you have a cold drink, there will be no condensation on the glass and table.
  • Keep your fingers safe and cool with heat-resistant, double-walled glassware, so drinks stay warm without getting burned! the outer surface always lies comfortably in the hand.
  • A double insulated coffee mug gives an extra luxurious look in your kitchen or on your dining table. It is more heat resistant, more transparent, thinner and lighter, but more durable than normal glass. It is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. but recommend hand washing.
  • For 350ml / 12oz of great coffee, milk, espresso, latte, hot and cold, or just about any drink you can imagine, these ultra-light, clear, double-wall mugs are the gift you just can't wait to give or keep for yourself. !
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