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Recalma Bicycle Lift

Recalma Bicycle Lift

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Your bike needs a service, but working on your knees is disappointing and there is little space in the shed. Then the Recalma bicycle lift is an excellent solution to prevent painful knees and to save space in your garage.

Cycling to the ceiling

Because this bicycle suspension system can easily be mounted in the ceiling, the bicycle lift does not take up any extra space. This leaves enough space in your shed, garage or other space. Thanks to rubber protection around the hooks, there will be no damage when lifting and handling your bicycle.

Lift your heavyweight up to four meters high

The Recalma bicycle hoist is suitable for bicycles and other attributes up to 60 kilos. This makes it even possible to lift your electric bicycle. If you don't want to store the bike in the room, you can hoist it up to four meters high. That way, nothing stands in your way.

Multifunctional hanging system

In addition to being a simple bicycle hoist, the Recalma bicycle lift is also a multifunctional solution for hanging your canoe, your rowing boat or your surfboard. This makes this bicycle suspension system a multifunctional tool.

You will soon have this with the Recalma bicycle lift:

  • An easy-to-assemble multifunctional bicycle lift
  • A bicycle hoist for your electric or heavy bicycle up to 60 kilos
  • Space in your shed, your garage or job loft


  • Lifts up to 4 m high
  • Maximum load capacity: 60kg
  • Easy to assemble with supplied manual and materials
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Rubber hooks for bicycle protection
  • Sturdy round rope (Ø 6.5 mm)
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