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Recalma Fleece Blanket With Sleeves

Recalma Fleece Blanket With Sleeves

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The Recalma Fleece blanket with sleeves will help you through the cold days. This wonderfully warm fleece blanket with sleeves is large and wonderfully soft. The material is washable and non-pilling, which means it will not fluff. You will be warm this winter.

Comfort because the article has sleeves

Because you can put your hands through the sleeves of the fleece blanket, your hands are free with this fleece blanket. This allows you, for example, to reach your snack or drink, your laptop, the remote control of the TV or telephone. Because your feet and shoulders are completely covered, your entire body will remain warm. The pouch pocket allows you to keep your hands warm when you don't need your hands for any of the above or other activities.

Washable and non pilling

The Recalma fleece blanket is of course washable up to 30 degrees. In addition, the blanket is manufactured in a special way so that it will not fluff. In short, the perfect article to warm yourself up on cool evenings. Because the article is large enough, you stay warm from both your feet to your shoulders. The advantage of this is that you can turn the heating down a degree during these expensive days because the blanket will keep you warm enough.


  • Color: light gray
  • Dimensions fleece throw: 150 x 200 cm
  • Lovely soft material
  • 30 degrees washable
  • Tightly packaged so that it will arrive clean and can be used immediately
  • Non pilling (doesn't pill)
  • Equipped with spacious sleeves (65 cm long, 30 cm wide)
  • Includes pouch pocket to keep your hands warm, for example, or to store your mobile devices
  • Material: fleece
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