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Recalma Hexagon Wall Mirror

Recalma Hexagon Wall Mirror

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Give an extra dimension to your wall by using a Recalma hexagon wall mirror. With this wall mirror you can look at yourself in the mirror without drilling damage in the wall.

Hold up a mirror to yourself

With this hexagon mirror set you give your hallway or living room an extra dimension without having to drill into the wall. The mirror parts are provided with glue, so you only have to think about how you stick them. This means that your wall has no damage. The Recalma hexagon wall mirror consists of 12 separate parts in which you have the freedom to place them in your own way.

You will soon have this with your Recalma hexagon wall mirror:

  • Easy to attach mirror parts
  • Freedom to determine your own shape
  • Optically more space

- Material: Acrylic
- Color: Silver
- Size: 184 x 160 x 92 mm
- Weight: 270 grams
- The set contains 12 silver mirrors
- The mirrors all have an adhesive layer on the back with a protective layer. You do not need any additional materials to hang the mirrors!

Recalma strives to deliver your mirrors as quickly as possible! In addition, you have a 30-day free return right.
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