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Recalma Dog Blanket

Recalma Dog Blanket

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With the Recalma dog blanket you prevent your back seat or trunk from getting covered in dirt, damage or stains when you transport your pet. In addition to preventing dirt, you also ensure that your dog can take it everywhere safely.

100% ease of use

The Recalma dog blanket is easy to install by means of clips with a quick release. The buckle clicks around the chapters of the front and rear seats. Press the belt into the belt holder and the dog blanket is ready for use. The dog blanket is made of material that is easy to clean with a cloth, a vacuum cleaner or by hand.

Sustainable material for a sustainable journey

The Recalma dog blanket consists of four layers of durable material, which makes both the dog blanket both wear-resistant and waterproof. Due to the anti-slip material on the underside of the dog rug, it stays in place in, for example, bends or with brakes.


You can also sit in the back seat when the dog is not coming. You only have to fold the side flaps and then the rear seat is free to sit on again. It is possible to put on the belt through the holes in the places where the connections of the belt are.

Why this dog blanket?

  • Extremely high quality
  • Built-in seat belt inputs
  • Due to the non-slip bottom, the dog blanket will not slide
  • Suitable for both rear seat and trunk
  • The blanket is easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Installed in no time thanks to simple click closures


  • Brand: Recalma
  • Colour black
  • Connection: zippers and bell closures
  • Dimensions: 137 x 147 cm
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