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Recalma Pets Shower Glove

Recalma Pets Shower Glove

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With the Recalma pet shower glove you can wash your hand or cat in a simple, relaxed way. The silicone, soft glove gives your pet a delicious massage and you can scrub the animal well in the meantime. With the included garden hose and connectors, the glove is easy to connect to your tap or garden hose.

Multiple faucet adapters
The hose that is attached to the shower glove has the option of being connected to three different faucet adapters supplied. This allows the shower glove to be connected to various sinks and garden hoses. 

Double function
Because the glove is made of a very flexible material and you can move all five fingers independently of each other, you can reach all places at your pet to get the animal optimally clean. In addition, the flexible, soft glove also provides a relaxed feeling for the pet. Your pet will get some wonderful quality time and in the meantime your pet will be wonderfully fresh again. 

Built-in switch
There is a regulator in the hose that you can operate, so that you determine how much water and how hard the water comes out of the shower glove. In addition, there is Velcro at the end of the glove, with which you can attach the glove tightly around your wrist so that it does not fall off your hand. 


  • With garden hose 
  • 3 different faucet adapters
  • Dimensions: 23*19 cm
  • Hose dimensions: 190 cm 
  • Ergonomic design so you can reach all places
  • Suitable for various pets, such as cats and dogs
  • Breathable glove, so you don't suffer from sweaty hands

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