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Recalma Solar Powered String Lights

Recalma Solar Powered String Lights

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Thanks to solar energy, you can illuminate your garden in a sustainable way with the Recalma light cord in both summer and winter. So regardless of the season, you know how to create atmosphere in the places where the sun comes.

Energy from the sun

These atmospheric 50 solar lights provide a cozy atmosphere around your home, in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Also very suitable for indoors! Because you can take advantage of the solar energy, you do not need a socket. The lights can be set with a daylight sensor, so they only turn on when it gets dark.

The supplied solar panel ensures that the lighting can burn for up to ten hours!

This is what you will soon have with your Recalma solar light cord:

  • Lighting with eight positions
  • A light cord with a warm white light
  • Lighting that goes out in the light and comes on when it is dark.
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