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Recalma Christmas Star Curtain

Recalma Christmas Star Curtain

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The Christmas music is not yet available in the shops, but this will not be long in coming. The time for Christmas stuff is almost here. But you can already turn your house into a Christmas paradise with Recalma Christmas star curtain.

A curtain of stars

Create your own atmospheric Christmas now with this curtain of lights. The lights are in the shape of snowflakes and other stars, which of course fits well with Christmas. The Recalma Christmas lighting has a length of 3.70 meters, which means that it provides light over the full length. In addition, the stars hang at different heights between 40 and 70 centimeters.

Convenience serves you and Santa Claus

All you have to do is hang the light curtain in a place of your choice, connect it to the mains and operate it with a remote control. The USB cable that powers the star curtain has a length of three meters.

You will soon have this with your Recalma star curtain:

  • An atmospheric Christmas decoration
  • 3.70 meters of light curtain
  • An easy to operate star curtain
  • A successful Christmas!


  • Length with star lighting: 3.7 m
  • USB cable length: 3 m
  • Height differences: The stars hang in different heights, from 40 cm to 70 cm
  • Light color: white or warm white
  • Suitable for indoors
  • Voltage: 220
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