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Sunred Heater Indox - Powerful table heater – 1200 Watt

Sunred Heater Indox - Powerful table heater – 1200 Watt

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The perfect patio heater, which combines design, atmosphere and warmth. Due to the intense heating elements, this powerful table heater gives a great feeling of warmth. The layer of rose gold leaf provides extra reflection from the heating element, making the heat sensation of the 2 x 600 Watt elements even more intense. Place the atmospheric Indox heater next to your lounge set and ensure wonderful, warm evenings. Thanks to the 180° rotation function, you are warm everywhere around the heater. Because the lifespan of the elements is at least 10,000 burning hours, you can enjoy this product for seasons.

Unique technology for optimum efficiency
The unique “Ultra Low Glare” elements are very trendy and in demand at the moment. Because these elements are equipped with 'medium wave' elements, they reduce the light output by up to 80%. Due to this efficient element, there is maximum heat and minimum light intensity. The medium wave infrared technology heats the body from the inside and wind has less influence on the heat distribution. You can set the heat that the heater radiates with the handy rotary knob on top of the Indox heater, which has three settings (600/600/1200 watts).

Benefits of the Sunred Dark Indox 1200

  • Sunred Dark– Carbon Rose Gold element
  • Intense heat experience
  • No red light – ultra low glare
  • Switchable: 600/600/1200 watts
  • 180° rotation function
  • 30% warmer compared to standard halogen element•
Product dimensions: 28.5 x 59 cm
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