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UNO+ Barbecue Grill Fire Bowl | Diameter 70 cm

UNO+ Barbecue Grill Fire Bowl | Diameter 70 cm

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The UNO+ Barbecue grill fire bowl with a diameter of 70 centimeters is an affordable steel fire basket that is multifunctional. So you can use it as a barbecue, grill plate, fire pit on an open fireplace. Because the whole is made without a single weld, the article lasts a long time and it has a unique design, because it looks like one big whole.

Diverse possibilities
Due to the innovative production technology, UNO+ grill gives you numerous culinary options. The temperature of the barbecue varies from 220 to 350 degrees. The surface heats up with a pattern - it's hotter in the center, cooler towards the edge, so you can easily control the degree of roasting. You can prepare snacks, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, omelets, pancakes and desserts. Due to the large surface, you can cook for up to 6 people at the same time. The grill ring is easy to remove, even when the fire bowl is on, by means of the steel handles. After removing the grill ring, the UNO+ fire bowl can be used as a fire bowl and/or fireplace. It is possible to supplement this product with one of the extra accessories from UNO, which will be shown in other advertisements

The support pole contains a ventilation system and an ash pan. The support post is made of high-quality carbon steel and ensures that the UNO+ grill has the ideal height. The pole is round and the inside is hollow, so that the ashes can be stored here. The ventilation holes at the top of the support pole allow air to circulate in the fire bowl, which promotes even combustion of the firewood. In addition, these holes ensure that the article will not overheat. The Grill Ring is made of heat-resistant carbon steel with a thickness of 6 mm. This allows it to provide a high heat capacity. The multi-layer non-stick coating makes this grill ring last a very long time. The roasting surface of the grill ring slopes slightly inwards, so the hot oil can remain completely in the frying pan and will not splash out.

The UNO+ grill can in principle be placed on any surface, provided it is flat. First place the leg of the grill firmly, after which you screw the fire bowl firmly on it with the mounting bolt. Then turn on the UNO+ grill by evenly stoking a small fire with firewood. The surface will heat up very quickly. You can quickly put vegetable oil on the grill ring and distribute it over the cooking surface, after which the UNO+grill is ready to be used. After cooking, remove the food residues from the grill surface immediately with a spatula and wipe the grill ring with oil and a dry cloth. After the grill has cooled completely, remove the grill ring and empty the ash pan.

UNO+ grill is made in Ukraine with the highest quality materials.
You get a 3-year manufacturer's warranty from UNO.
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